Terms and Conditions

  1. Becoming a customer
    1.1 To order with us, you must be over 18 years of age, require delivery in our area or require
    collection from one of our shops and have a credit or debit card in your name which we
    1.2 We reserve the right to decline any order or to suspend your account at any time at our
    1.3 Our Terms and Conditions will apply when you place your order.
  2. Your account
    2.1 You may create an online account with us to make your experience on this website easier.
    2.2 You are responsible for the activity on your account. You should ensure that your access
    details are known only by you and that access to your computer or mobile device is
    restricted to prevent unauthorised use of your account. You must inform us immediately if
    you believe your details have become know to anyone else or has been or may be used in an
    unauthorised manner
    2.3 Please ensure that the information you provide us with is correct and up to date. Please
    notify us as soon as possible of any changes
    2.4 Please ensure that you have read our privacy policy
  3. Contract
    3.1 This website is operated by S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited trading as Barlows Butchers.
    Once you have placed an order on this website, you will receive an email confirmation of the
    order to the email address that you provided. This is not an acceptance by us. A legally
    binding contract will only arise once we have completed delivery of the goods to you.
    3.2 If you have entered an incorrect email address and receive no email purchase confirmation
    and/or any other details are incorrect then you are responsible to contact us to amend your
    details. We can not be held responsible to the entering of incorrect information or your
    email service provider spam filtration.
  4. Amending or cancelling the contract
    4.1 You may amend or cancel your order up to 48 hours before the delivery date you selected.
    4.2 Should you wish to cancel your order after the cut-off time but prior to delivery, we may
    charge you in full for an amount equal to the value of your order including any delivery cost
    4.3 Any cancellation must be communicated to us either by telephoning the Nuncargate Shop
    on 01623 753 267 or by emailing us at barlowsbutchers@iclould.com
    4.4 Where you order goods that are unavailable for any reason, we shall notify you and we will
    either send a replacement product with your order, or organise a full refund for the product
    within two days. Please note that for orders paid on credit cards, it may take up to 14 days
    for the refund to be credited to your account.
  5. Price and delivery charges
    5.1 The price of the goods will be quoted on the website at the time your confirm your order by
    clicking Checkout and will be inclusive of VAT (if applicable) or any other tax and, subject to
    paragraphs 5.2 below, delivery.
    5.2 The delivery charge applying to your order shall be set out at the time you checkout. No
    standard delivery charges shall apply to orders over £40. Orders below that value shall be
    subject to a delivery charge of £10.95.
    5.3 Local delivery is defined as delivery to addresses in the following postcodes only: NG16,
    NG17 and NG18. For orders falling within this area, a separate delivery charge structure shall
    apply and overrule any delivery charge applicable from paragraph 5.2 above. For orders over
    £25 no delivery charge shall be applied. For orders under this threshold, a standard rate of
    £5.25 shall be applied.
    5.4 We will debit the total cost of your order, including any delivery charge or packing cost that
    may be applied, from your debit or credit card at the time you place your order.
  6. Delivery
    6.1 For local deliveries from S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited vehicles, we will always aim to
    delivery your order within the delivery slot requested.
    6.2 If nobody is available at the delivery address to take delivery of the orders, we will leave
    notification of the delivery attempt.
    6.3 For deliveries outside of the local area as defined by paragraph 5.3 above, a courier delivery
    service is used. S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited has no control over deliveries undertaken
    through this service and so can accept no liability for late delivery or damaged goods.
    6.4 If your delivery is refused or not accepted at a recipient’s address, we cannot take
    responsibility for this and can not offer a free replacement box.
    6.5 Events outside our control, for example, epidemics, extreme weather conditions, or similar
    may occasionally mean that we are unable to deliver your goods at the time agreed. In these
    circumstances, we will contact you as early as is practicable to rearrange the delivery time.
    In such an event, our liability shall be limited to the price of the goods ordered and the cost
    of delivery.
    6.6 From time to time delivery may take an additional day due to seasonal variations or volume.
    If you are ordering for a gift, dinner party or special occasion, we advise that you always
    allow an extra 24 hours. Your meat will stay chilled in our packaging – which allows meat to
    be in transit for 72 hours.
    6.7 Our free standard delivery is applied to your order when you have more than £40 worth of
    full price items in your basket. You can have both sale or promoted and full price items in
    your basket, but the items must total £40 or more to qualify for the free standard delivery.
  7. If you are dissatisfied
    7.1 We are committed to offering you the very best service and the very best produce. We
    guarantee the quality of all goods and produce you order from us. You must inspect the
    goods immediately upon delivery and, in the even that you are dissatisfied in any way with
    either our service or the quality of the goods you receive, let us know promptly either by
    emailing barlowsbutchers@icloud.com or calling our Nuncargate shop on 01623 753 267.
    7.2 Complaints will be reviewed by the senior team at Barlows Butchers.
    7.3 Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the return of any produce delivered to you but, if
    the goods ordered by you do not meet your reasonable satisfaction, we may, at our absolute
    discretion, send you a Barlows Butchers voucher to the value of the goods that have fallen
    short of your expectations within 3 working days of a complaint being upheld.
    7.4 S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited reserves the right to refuse any complaint which would not
    be held by a reasonable person
    7.5 On occasion, we may request the return of the goods for inspection but you will always get a
    voucher once the goods have been received and any delivery cost, up to a maximum of £10
    shall be covered by S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited
  8. What we will not be liable for
    8.1 We will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of profits arising out of
    our supply or failure to supply the goods to you.
    8.2 Nothing in the Agreement shall in any way limit our liability for death or personal injury
    resulting from a breach our contract, tort or negligence nor limit any legal rights you have as
    a consumer
    8.3 Some of our products may contain traces of nuts or other allergens. We will ensure that the
    contents of each box are clearly listed on our website but it is your responsibility to ensure
    that you have read the information. If you require any further information on allergens,
    please contact us.
    8.4 The goods are sold to you on the basis that you are a consumer therefore we will not be
    liable for any special losses that you might suffer, distributing or reselling the goods as part
    of a business.
    8.5 We shall not be liable for goods once they have been delivered to the address or secure
    place stated in your order.
    8.6 Our packaging is designed to ensure our produce reaches you in perfect condition, but it is
    your responsibility to ensure that all perishable goods are refrigerated as soon as possible
    upon receipt. Further, if you or a third party moves, transports or delivers the goods to any
    other address following our delivery, we shall not be liable for anything that that third party
    might do to the goods or any subsequent deterioration in the produce.
    8.7 Due to the nature of certain artisan products the minimum and maximum weight cannot
    always be guaranteed. Whole products such as turkeys, geese, rabbits, suckling pigs, and
    game birds etc may not always meet the exact criteria within our store. We will not except
    liability for under or overweight products, the published price is the unit price. We will
    however always endeavour to meet weight expectations.
    8.8 Please note that we will do our best to ensure that access to our website is uninterrupted
    and that transmission are error-free but, given the nature of the internet, this is not
    something that we are able to guarantee. There may be occasions where access is
    suspended or restricted so that we can undertake repairs, maintenance or improvements.
    We will keep such occasions to a minimum and endeavour to restore full access as soon as
    we can.
  9. General
    9.1 These terms and conditions set out the entire agreement between us. Any failure by us to
    enforce any of our rights under this Agreement shall not prejudice our entitlement to rely on
    any of our rights in the future
    9.2 We shall not be liable for delays or failures to perform our obligations if that delay or failure
    arises from events beyond our reasonable control.
    9.3 We reserve the right to change our website, policies, terms and conditions at any time but
    this shall not affect the terms and conditions prevailing at the time you make a purchase
    9.4 Whilst we take the utmost care to ensure that all product descriptions, images, information
    and prices are accurate, we do not accept any liability for inaccuracies, errors or omissions.
    Colour and shape may vary from those shown on the website.
    9.5 This Agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and both parties herby submit
    to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  10. Bespoke Butchery requests
    10.1 We aim to offer a bespoke butchery service to our customers. Subject to the
    complexity of the request, S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited reserve the right to charge a £10
    bespoke butchery charge for any bespoke butchery request.
    10.2 If a specific request incurs such a fee, we will notify the customer in advance to
  11. Weights of products
    11.1 Due to the nature of our products being reared free-range, some product weights
    may vary slightly at time of products being supplied. Any changes to weights will be clearly
    communicated to the customer.
  12. Shelf Life
    12.1 S. D. Barlow (Butchers) Limited will always deliver with the shelf life as advertised on the
    product label as a minimum.